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50 Most Awkward Couples Photo Fails

As Freddy once sang: a crazy little thing called love! The next list of awkward couples pictures might make you question if people in love are not just flat out insane. Although some of these staged and showing couples having fun, there are also pictures in which we here at are not sure what was happening. We are also wondering how some of these photographs are still sharp as the photographers must have been rolling on the floor laughing. Most of these pictures prove to be embarrassing at the least! Married couples, couples announcing to be pregnant; couples who are really look alike, and then there are couples who are the exact opposites; we have them all.

Have fun and enjoy this list of most awkward couples fails!

acid_picdump_78 awkward-couple-photo-2 Awkward-Couples-Photo-Fails awkward-couple-photo-2 awkward-couple-photo-2 awkward-couple-photo-3 awkward-couple-photo-3 awkward-couple-photo-3 awkward-couple-photo-4 awkward-couple-photo-4 awkward-couple-photo-4 awkward-couple-photo-5 awkward-couple-photo-5 awkward-couple-photo-6 awkward-couple-photo-6 awkward-couple-photo-7 awkward-couple-photo-7 awkward-couple-photo-8 awkward-couple-photo-8 awkward-couple-photo-9 awkward-couple-photo-9 awkward-couple-photo-10 awkward-couple-photo-11 awkward-couple-photo-11 awkward-couple-photo-12 awkward-couple-photo-12 awkward-couple-photo-13 awkward-couple-photo-13 awkward-couple-photo-14 awkward-couple-photo-14 awkward-couple-photo-15 awkward-couple-photo-15 awkward-couple-photo-16 awkward-couple-photo-17 awkward-couple-photo-18 awkward-couple-photo-19 awkward-couple-photo-20 awkward-couple-photo-21 awkward-couple-photo-22 awkward-couple-photo-23 awkward-couple-photo-24 awkward-couple-photo-26 awkward-couple-photo-Pick-Someone-Your-Own-Size awkward-couple-photo awkward-couple-photo awkward-couple-photo awkward-couple-photo-231 awkward-couple-photo-37 weird-couple-money

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