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Girls Trying to Look Sexy but Fail

We understand there are people who want to impress someone and just want to feel attractive. We all have that desire sooner or later. Maybe convincing that cute guy to call you back, ey? Well, we might be wrong, but we think that might not really work out with these pictures.. Unless your aim was to show him your funny side. The next pictures compilation of girls trying to look sexy but fail will prove to you that even the prettiest girls can look awkward and unattractive if photographed from the wrong angle, in the wrong setting or with an overly expressive ‘sexy’ face. Have you ever sent someone a complete sexy fail? Let us know in the comments below!








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  1. The boat licking the girl’s whoa-whoa
    is actually a sexy pic!
    It’s always photographs of desperate women
    using some kind of prop to suggest fellatio,
    it’s very creative to show what turns on

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