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People Getting Hit in the Face,Perfectly Timed Photos

Not necessary the most friendly photo-compilation in our database, though these perfectly timed pictures do seem hilarious to us. It just has something when you see a person getting punched in the face. We don’t mean to sound harsh, but it just gives us this ‘ouch’ moment where you get a special feeling you are glad it wasn’t you in the picture. There is something satisfying to see perfectly timed pictures of people getting hit in the face by accident. The stupid expression they have, the unsubtle feeling of knowing how much it hurts, and mostly the  hilarious situation where they are in in which you know just getting hit in the face is not the only thing that’s gonna hurt em often. We have done quite a few compilations of photographs taken at the right moment, but people getting hit in the face just deserved it’s very own special compilation.








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