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Pictures that Prove Cats Are Liquid

Cats can squeeze themselves into anything, which created the internet myth that ‘cats are liquid’.Cats sure love their boxes and everything else they can squirm themselves into! Just like all the other things cats do, and which is well documented and shared allover the internet, science still doesn’t know exactly where this funny need comes from. Suggestions include boxes being great hideouts for their predating nature, being it a separate enclosure for some stress-relieve, or just to avoid confrontation and conflicts. The ‘if it Fits, I sits’ science sure shows that cats in general love to choose the weirdest places to make their chilling place.  Have fun with this great compilation of the weirdest pictures we could find of cats squirmed into anything and proving the internet right: cats indeed are liquid.. Hopefully they were able to get themselves out of these situations!







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